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PCB Makes History: Domestic Contracts Awarded to Women Cricketers

Pakistan Cricket Board introduces historic domestic contracts for women cricketers, awarding 74 players contracts, including veterans. Aims to elevate women’s cricket, inspire young athletes, and bolster the upcoming season.

pakistan women cricket team contracts

In a groundbreaking development, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has unveiled its inaugural domestic contracts for women cricketers. This pivotal move was announced on Wednesday, marking a significant leap forward in the advancement of women’s cricket within Pakistan. A total of 74 women cricketers have been granted contracts for a duration of 11 months, a testament to the PCB’s dedication to nurturing talent and promoting gender equality in the sport.

Recognizing Emerging Talent

Among the cricketers who have secured domestic contracts, 59 belong to the Emerging and Under-19 categories. This emphasis on youth reflects the PCB’s commitment to fostering and nurturing emerging talent. By providing opportunities to young players, the board aims to build a strong foundation for the future of women’s cricket in Pakistan.

Balancing Act: Domestic vs. Central Contracts

It’s important to note that players who have been awarded domestic contracts will not be included in the women’s central contracts for the upcoming year, 2023-24. The central contracts are set to be announced in due course, underlining the distinction between these two tiers of contracts.

A Blend of Experience and Promise

Among the 74 contracted players, 14 have already represented Pakistan on the international stage. This roster includes well-known figures like former captain Javeria Khan, Kainat Imtiaz, Anam Amin, and Aiman Anwar. Additionally, the list features several international players such as Iram Javed, Fareeha Mehmood, Ayesha Zafar, and Saba Nazir. Notably, off-spinner Noreen Yaqoob stands as the sole non-international senior player to secure a contract.

Thorough Selection and Rewards System

The meticulous selection process for these domestic contracts was led by the national women’s selection committee, spearheaded by former Test cricketer Saleem Jaffar. Recommendations from both national and academy coaches played a pivotal role in identifying deserving players. Alongside monthly retainers, the players will enjoy match fees, daily allowances, and a share in prize money. This comprehensive reward system aims to motivate and support players in their pursuit of excellence.

Facilities and Support

In addition to introducing domestic contracts, the PCB has reinvigorated training facilities for women cricketers across eight cricket academies situated across Pakistan. The academies, including those in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Quetta, and Bahawalpur, will serve as nurturing environments for skill development and growth.

A Vision for Progress

Zaka Ashraf, PCB Management Committee Head, voiced his pride in this initiative, emphasizing that it symbolizes more than just contractual agreements. It is a significant investment in the dreams and aspirations of remarkable athletes who have consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication on the field.

Tania Mallick, Head of PCB Women’s Cricket, echoed the sentiment of empowerment, stating that this historic moment recognizes the players’ exceptional abilities and aims to instill confidence and determination. With a bustling women’s cricket season on the horizon, the PCB is dedicated to providing unwavering support and essential resources for the players’ success.

This landmark move by the PCB signifies a turning point in the history of women’s cricket in Pakistan. It not only amplifies the standard of the game but also inspires a new generation of girls to embrace cricket as a passion and a pursuit of excellence.

Full List of Contracted Players:

1RawalpindiAima Saleem, Fatima Zehra, Laiba Mansoor, Sania Rasheed
2KarachiAimen Anwar, Aliza Khan, Arijah Haseeb, Dina Razvi, Haniah Ahmer, Humna Bilal, Javeria Khan, Jaweria Rauf, Kainat Imtiaz, Saira Jabeen, Sana Talib, Shabnam Hayat, Subhana Tariq, Syeda Taskyn Fatima, Wasifa Hussain, Yusra Amir, Zunaira Shah
3LahoreAisha Javed, Amber Kainat, Anam Amin, Areesha Noor Bhatti, Dua Majid, Fareeha Mehmood, Fatima Khan, Fatima Shahid, Gull Feroza, Gull Rukh, Haleema Azeem Dar, Khadija Chishti, Laiba Nasir, Maham Anees, Maham Manzoor, Maham Tariq, Noor-Ul-Eman, Noreen Yaqoob, Quratulain Ahsen, Rida Aslam, Saiqa Riaz, Tasmia Rubab
4PeshawarAleena Shah, Masooma Zehra, Tayyaba Imdad
5QuettaAyesha Asim, Jannat Rasheed, Saima Malik
6MultanGul-e-Uswa, Gull Feroza, Wajeeha Muneer
7Dera Ghazi KhanGull Rukh
8IslamabadMaham Anees
9HyderabadMaham Manzoor
12SwabiTahzeeb Shah

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