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Rohit Sharma: I want to get into the phase I was in before the 2019 World Cup

Rohit Sharma embraces the challenge of captaining India in the impending World Cup, aiming to end a decade-long trophy drought. His serene demeanor and 2019 ODI heroics fuel his pursuit of success, while lessons from his past guide his leadership decisions.

As India gears up to host the eagerly awaited Cricket World Cup, all eyes are on Rohit Sharma, the captain chosen to steer the team through the challenges of a home tournament and break the nation’s decade-long ICC trophy drought. Known for his easygoing demeanor and affable personality, Rohit Sharma might just possess the right tools to shoulder the weight of expectation, rallying a group of determined men toward a common objective.

Beyond his role as captain, Rohit carries the additional responsibility of being one of the team’s most seasoned batsmen, setting the tempo at the top of India’s batting order. The upcoming World Cup holds a special significance for him, as he strives to replicate the remarkable performance he exhibited at the last ODI World Cup four years ago. During that tournament, Rohit’s exceptional batting prowess saw him score five centuries, amassing a total of 648 runs with an astonishing average of 81.00. Drawing inspiration from that achievement, the 36-year-old cricketer is focused on channeling his best practices once again.

“I want to get into the phase I was in before the 2019 World Cup. I was in great frame of mind and prepared really well for the tournament. I want to bring that back and I have time to do that. Trying to recollect what were the right things that I was doing before the 2019 World Cup as a cricketer and as a person. I want to revisit that thought-process of mine personally,” Rohit mentioned in an interview with PTI.

While much has changed in Rohit’s career since the 2019 World Cup, including his resurgence in Test cricket and elevation to captaincy across all formats, he remains steadfast in his approach. He emphasized that his personality isn’t swayed by success or failure, and he’s focused on achieving his goals over the next two months for himself and his team.

“I am not the person who thinks about what kind of legacy I will leave behind. My legacy will be for people to judge and talk about. Not for me to say. I am not a firm believer in numbers… For me, it’s all about creating memories and creating a good rapport with my teammates. Be happy in whatever you get and whatever you have,” he shared, reflecting on his philosophy.

One of the challenges that lie ahead for Rohit is the daunting task of finalizing the squad for the World Cup. With an existing roster of 18 players, he’ll have to make tough decisions to narrow it down to 15 players. Having experienced the disappointment of missing out on the 2011 World Cup squad, Rohit empathizes with the players who will not make the final cut.

Rohit stressed the importance of transparent communication during this process, saying, “While picking the best combination, there will be guys who will miss out for various reasons… We talk to them face to face, one-on-one why they have not been picked.” He also acknowledged that decisions are made based on factors like opposition, surfaces, strengths, and weaknesses, with the understanding that mistakes are inevitable.

Drawing from his own past, when he faced exclusion from the World Cup squad in 2011, Rohit shared how Yuvraj Singh’s guidance helped him overcome that challenging period. He understands the emotional toll of being left out and is determined to ensure that those who don’t make the cut are supported and encouraged to work towards a comeback.

As India awaits the commencement of the World Cup on home soil, Rohit Sharma stands as a symbol of experience, perspective, and leadership. His journey, shaped by successes and setbacks, exemplifies his commitment to the sport and his teammates. While the nation hopes for cricketing glory, Rohit’s focus remains unwavering on creating cherished memories and a harmonious team environment.

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