20 Apr, 2024
5 mins read

From Imran Khan to Navjot Sidhu: Top 8 Famous Cricketers Who Faced Jail Time

Cricket’s revered names have encountered legal turmoil, shifting from stadium glory to courtroom battles. Imran Khan’s political woes, Amit Mishra’s assault charges, and Sreesanth’s spot-fixing scandal showcase the unexpected legal sides of these cricket legends. Cricket, often hailed as the “gentleman’s game,” has witnessed its luminaries entangled in controversies and legal battles that starkly contrast […]

2 mins read

Former Pakistan Captain Imran Khan Sentenced to Three Years in Jail

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan sentenced to three years in jail for corruption charges involving concealed state gift earnings. Protests and appeals ensue. Imran Khan’s cricket legacy adds to the complexity. Former Pakistan Prime Minister and cricket legend, Imran Khan, has been arrested and handed a three-year prison sentence due to corruption charges. The […]