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Harmanpreet Kaur Slams BCCI and Advocates for More Test Matches and Domestic Cricket

India’s women’s cricket captain, Harmanpreet Kaur, advocates for increased Test matches and domestic cricket, stressing their importance in enhancing women’s cricket and player development.

Harmanpreet Kaur advocates Test matches and domestic seasons
Team India captain Harmanpreet Kaur advocates Test matches and domestic cricket

Harmanpreet Kaur, the 34-year-old captain of the Indian women’s cricket team, has voiced her strong support for the expansion of women’s Test cricket and the revival of prolonged domestic cricket events within India. Kaur, a prominent figure in contemporary women’s cricket, has played a total of only three Test matches alongside her participation in 127 ODIs and 154 T20Is.

Limited Test Matches in Upcoming Women’s Cricket Schedule

The forthcoming 2022-25 women’s Future Tours Programme (FTP) cycle outlines a mere two Test matches for the Indian women’s cricket team. Both contests are slated to take place during the 2023-24 season on home soil, pitting India against England and Australia. This cycle will see only four teams engaging in Test cricket, with India’s tally being the lowest among them, trailing behind England (five), Australia (four), and South Africa (three).

Harmanpreet Kaur’s Push for Test Cricket and Domestic Expansion

Harmanpreet Kaur, speaking on the Sky Sports Cricket Podcast, articulated her personal yearning for an elevated focus on Test cricket, reminiscing about her formative years watching Tests on television. While she acknowledged the excitement of T20 matches, Kaur emphasized the intrinsic value of Test cricket for cricketers. She anticipates that the two scheduled Tests against England and Australia in the current year could act as catalysts for women’s cricket, paving the way for a greater number of Test matches in the future. Kaur also underscored the importance of reintroducing multi-day domestic matches, recalling her early experiences, and expressed optimism about the trajectory of women’s cricket with increased game time.

harmanpreet Kaur Mumbai Indians

The recently launched Women’s Premier League (WPL) has brought positive changes to domestic women’s cricket. Kaur acknowledged the progress but articulated the desire for longer-format domestic games to return, fostering continued growth and improvement in women’s cricket.

Kaur further discussed the delayed introduction of the WPL, acknowledging that while it arrived later than expected, its inception was met with enthusiasm and keen interest from audiences. She hopes the tournament will expand in the years to come, mirroring the popular demand for more women’s cricket.

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