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India Captain Avoids Controversy in Selecting Toughest Pakistan Bowler

India’s captain avoids controversy by not naming the toughest Pakistani bowler faced. Emphasizes equal respect for all pacers. Insight into the upcoming India-Pakistan match in the 2023 Asia Cup, along with tournament details.

Rohit Sharma believes all Pakistani bowlers are talented.
Rohit Sharma believes all Pakistani bowlers are talented.

During an event in the USA, the captain of Team India declined to answer a question about the most difficult Pakistani bowler he has faced. He explained that naming someone could lead to unnecessary problems.

Equal Respect for All Pakistani Pacers

The Indian captain mentioned that all the pacers in the Pakistan team are good. He said that if he were to name one, it might upset others, so he preferred not to pick anyone. He believes all of them are talented.

Upcoming Match and Challenges

India is set to play against Pakistan in the 2023 Asia Cup on September 2 in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The captain mentioned that facing Pakistan is always a challenge and that they need to put in a lot of effort to perform well against them.

Asia Cup Groupings and Format

In the Asia Cup, India, Pakistan, and Nepal are in Group A, while Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka are in Group B. The tournament will be a mix of matches held in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, with four matches in Pakistan and the remaining games in Sri Lanka.

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