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Unmatched Intensity: Shikhar Dhawan’s Take on India-Pakistan Matches

Discover Shikhar Dhawan’s insights on the unmatched intensity of India-Pakistan cricket matches. Explore the excitement, pressure, and rivalry that define these clashes in his perspective, reflecting on the high-stakes competition.

Shikhar Dhawan take on India vs Pakistan clash in World Cup 2023.
Shikhar Dhawan take on India vs Pakistan clash in World Cup 2023.

Excitement and Pressure in India-Pakistan Matches

Shikhar Dhawan, a cricket player, talks about the strong feelings and pressure whenever India plays against Pakistan, their rivals. These matches are intense and important.

Upcoming Matches Between India and Pakistan

Recently, India and Pakistan are scheduled to play against each other many times. They will compete in events like the Asia Cup, Asian Games, and the big ODI World Cup in Ahmedabad.

Memories of India-Pakistan Games

Dhawan remembers playing in India-Pakistan matches before. He talks about the excitement and pressure in these games. He jokes that people say it’s important to not lose to Pakistan, almost like winning a World Cup. But he also mentions that winning the actual World Cup is very important.

Emotions on the Field

Playing against Pakistan makes Dhawan feel excited and pressured. He says there’s a good feeling when the match is over, especially if India wins. He shares that he has mostly won matches against Pakistan and that the games are intense but also have some friendly moments.

Dhawan’s Cricket Career

Dhawan has played many matches for India in different formats like Tests, ODIs, and T20Is. He has done well in big tournaments organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). He has scored a lot of runs and made six centuries. His average score in ICC’s one-day tournaments is 65.15.

New Players Impacting Dhawan’s Role

Young players like Shubman Gill and Ishan Kishan have become important for the team. This has led Dhawan to sit out of some matches, even though he has a great record in ICC tournaments.

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